What is Crypto Brook?

Crypto Brook is oriented and inspired by the Brookesia Chameleon breed, because it is a small breed
and hard to find.

This collection will have 5,555 NFTs. Each one will have unique characteristics.
Holders will have the opportunity to live a unique gamification experience with their NFTs. In addition,
they will earn rewards and passive income in the long term.

These will be some of the immediate utilities that we will be working on. More will be added as the brand grows.

Get access to all utilities through our token holder portal.

This collection will have 2 stages.

Stage 1:

Launch collection of NFT 2D.

International clothing and accessories brand

It will feature sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, and current fashion accessories.

Each process will be recorded in blog format so that they are aware of the progress.

Stage 2:

Launch of NFT 3D

Space in the metaverse set to our NFTs, a place where there will be shops, brand news, concerts, and exclusive talks.

Beer brand inspired by the freshness of the Caribbean.


Each person who gets a Crypto Brook will have access to exclusive concerts and talks in the metaverse
that will be paid for, and multiple discounts on branded products (depending on how many crypto brooks
they have in their wallet).
If the Exchange is created, it will have Crypto Brook tokens as a gift.
And many more things if we continue to grow!


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marado_Mesa de trabajo 1


Of course, we’ve been planning everything for a year

the entire process will be recorded and uploaded to a youtube channel

when stage 1 is over

if all goes well on 4/27/2023